The City of Allentown's Fruit and Veggie On-The-Go Truck!

The City of Allentown’s Fruit and Veggie On-The-Move Truck!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ronya Nassar. I am a student and athlete at Albright College in Reading, PA.  I am pursuing a degree with hopes of becoming a public health official and a writer in the near future. I recently landed an amazing job  as a student health technician for the city of Allentown and have become known as the “Fruits and Veggies On-The-Move Lady.” My job basically consists of driving a pick-up truck to deliver fruits and veggies to kids at the day camps in the city.  This Fruit and Veggie On-The-Move Truck has been nationally awarded from its benefits of helping kids in the city. I love helping people and  combined with this fun job has prompted me to start a blog.  My aim is to log the various fruits and vegetables delivered that week along with facts on their health benefits with a focus on super foods. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and benefit from the food facts and are entertained by the occasional stories! To quote the ancient Roman poet, Virgil: “The greatest wealth is health.”  We all have to start somewhere and here’s to giving kids a good start on a road to a life of healthy living!


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