Walking on sunshine!

Last week marked the beginning of the park program in Allentown and nothing made me happier than seeing the kids run up to the Fruit and Veggie On-the-Move truck! With our theme song “Walking on Sunshine” playing in the background, the kids were excited to receive their first fruit and veggie cup of the summer.

This week I gave out apricots, baby carrots, and snap peas. Last year, many of the kids did not know what an apricot was or many of them thought they were oranges. It did not come to a surprise to me this year that the same thing happened with the new playground goers but, I was impressed that many kids remembered the brightly colored orange fruit that I gave them last year. Identifying common and uncommon fruits and vegetables can be very tricky, even for some adults. Getting your child familiarized with different fruits and vegetables will help them to become more comfortable trying these foods.

The fruits and vegetables for the week! Apricots, baby carrots, and snap peas.

The fruits and vegetables for the week! Apricots, baby carrots, and snap peas.



Carrots are an awesome vegetable, they help improve vision, cleanse the body, and contain a good amount of Vitamin A that can protect the skin from sun damage. Here is a great recipe I found from Pinterest for a healthy carrot cake that you and your family will love: http://www.southerninlaw.com/2013/07/healthy-gluten-free-carrot-cake-recipe.html

This blogger took the traditional carrot cake recipe and made it healthier by adding more carrots to the recipe, using a little bit of honey instead of sugar, and using whole wheat flour (gluten free flour options are posted on the site too for those who have Celiac disease or a wheat allergy.)

Lessons with your child:

Take your child to your local library and check out a book with an important health message. Read the book together and discus with your child new things you can all do around the house to live healthier lives. A good example would be standing on one foot (switching feet every ten seconds) while brushing your teeth. This will help improve balance for you and your child.